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Most Efficient, Economic, Innovative PCB Solutions

Founded in 2006, JLCPCB has been at the forefront of the PCB industry. With over 14-year continuous innovation and improvement based on customers’ need, we have been growing fast, and becoming a leading global PCB manufacturer, who provides the rapid production of high-reliability and cost-effective PCBs and creates the best customer experience in the industry.



Higher Quality:

Ensuring quality and its consistent improvement are the two main guidelines of our company.
                            Our advanced PCB technology allows us to provide high precision boards suitable for industrial, military, aerospace, and medical applications.

We are continuously investing top-level base materials and advanced equipments for fully automated production lines, which enables us to offer our customers high throughput with consistently high quality.



Lower Cost:

Since 2006, JLCPCB continuously driven to become more efficient and reduce costs. We promise to offer customers the most economic PCBs forever. JLCPCB makes cheapest but top quality PCBs possibly because of scale effect, extremely high production efficiency and less manpower cost.




Faster Delivery:

Our easy-to-use online ordering system, professional and efficient customer service, digital manufacturing technology, full-automatic production lines, and stable logistics partners make every step to deliver you PCBs faster.

How JLCPCB works ?

Realize Easier Ordering: 

Ordering PCBs at JLCPCB is extremely easy. We make it easy for you to get quote online instantly, and our self-service platform takes you a few minutes to upload files and order boards. We are fully transparent in our operations, you can know everything about your orders in real-time since every step can be tracked and informed on JLCPCB.

Make Customer Service Efficient:

Our customer support team is at your disposal 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday via telephone, livechat, or e-mail. Every customer support is trained and skilled. You can always get effective help and support from them.

          About 10% of the data packs we receive contain elements or features that needs clarification. A prolonged engineering questions process will negatively impact delivery and total cost. Our technicians work systematically to clarify uncertainties in your specification. This way of working is more efficient, helping to complete the engineering questions process faster reducing the time to production.

Shorten Turnaround Time :

We can make PCB prototype as short as 24 hours, because of the smart technologies and fully automatic equipments applied in our production lines.

Our intelligent platform automatically collects and analyzes data gathered by sensors and monitoring devices on equipments and helps us to take corrective action to increase efficiency. Secondarily, we utilize the available capacity of our factories network so that system can match your orders to one of our factories which is best suited, in the shortest turnaround time.

Make Delivery Faster :

Have your PCBs delivered directly from our factories to your door. JLCPCB’s factory is 2 hours away from international airport. JLCPCB has built strategic partnerships with top logistics companies like DHL/FedEx, parcels from JLCPCB have the priority to arrange flights first. Most of packages can be shipped the same day.

Moreover, in order to solve European customers’ customs problems and provide them cheaper shipping, JLCPCB found a European logistic center in 2020.

Student PCB Sponsorship:

With over 15 years of PCB prototype experience, our products are used across all industries. To give back to society, we also committed to inspiring students’ creativity and developing new ideas by giving them free PCB sponsorship. 67 groups of students applied for sponsorship in 2020, over 2000 students cost $0 on PCB. 


If you want to apply the student sponsorship, mail your details to