Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as “DRONES”. A drone is an aircraft, which can fly without a human pilot. UAVs are the components of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Which also includes other components like a ground-based controller and a communication system to link the two. These systems include UAVs which are remote-controlled by human and autonomously controlled (with predefined route).. Read more>>

Propellers are the necessary part of the drone and maintain a key role in the flight of a drone. They are also the most commonly damaged and replaced components. So take time to choose the right propeller for your drone. Propeller size and design play an important role in getting thrust.  So the purpose of the study is to identify the best propeller design for a specific size of a drone.. Read more >>

Most of us have learned about electromagnetism in schools and college, now let us know how this concept applies in motors. Here the use of an electromagnet is to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy. When an electromagnet is electrically charged, it produces a magnetic field around it.When this temporary magnetic field interacts with a permanent magnet, attractive and repulsive forces are generated which leads to rotation of a motor shaft.. Read more>>

Most of ESC’s runs on 3 major firmware – Blheli, SimonK, and KISS. SimonK is outdated firmware so that it is not used anymore now a days. But some airplane ESC’s still use thisfirmware. KISS firmware is a closed source ESC which means that KISS firmware is only for KISS ESCs. whereas other firmware is open source. So the most popular choice nowadays is BLheli, as it is a user-friendly interface, oneshot125, and active braking.. Read more >>