8086 Microprocessor

8086 Microprocessor ?
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In any processor , there is memory. This memory is stored in locations. Each location can hold one byte( 8-bits ) of data. Memory banking in 8086 is , having divided the memory into two banks ( two parts ) Click here >> 

How does files, folders store data in present computers. Data in one file doesn’t overlap with another file, even though they both are in one memory , is all because of memory segmentation in 8086., Read more>>>

Architecture of 8086 microprocessor is divided into two units BIU and EU because of pipelining  Read >>

Status of every arithmetic operation is stored in flag register. Read more>>

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8086 microprocessor can be operated in two modes, the one is minimum mode of 8086, and other is maximum mode. Read more>>

Maximum mode in 8086 refers to the situation when 8086 is not only the processor to compute, with 8086 there are few other processors that are interfaced with it in order to boost up the performance.  Read more>>

8087 will be a co-processor while interfacing with 8086, it’s main characteristics are. Read more>>

8259 PIC abbreviated as 8259 programmable interrupt controller, In the previous tutorial an overview of 8259 was given. In this tutorial 8259 Architecture, working and pin diagram. Read more>>

It is a programmable peripheral interface, which means it is a programmable device used to interface I/O devices with the processor. In reality, we are not supposed to connect I/O devices directly with the data bus of the processor , Read more >>>

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