8051 Microcontroller

In this tutorial, you will clearly get to know about one of the important microcontroller 8051 and an introduction to 8051 microcontroller. , read more

In this tutorial, A brief description on pin diagram of 8051 microcontroller and in upcoming tutorials , each will be explained in detail. Read more

There are many registers in it. Register is a set of flip flops ( one flip flop can store 1bit of memory ). So basically registers are memory storage elements.Click here to read more 

In this tutorial one part of architecture PSW( program status word ) also known as Flag register of 8051 microcontroller. 

PSW is a 8-bit register and it is bit addressable ( refer previous tutorials for what is bit addressable ) .Read more

Memory organization of 8051 microcontroller is based upon internal RAM of 8051. There are four types of memories in 8051. Click here to read more

There are 21 SFRs in 8051, Here is a overview on ….. Read more >>

The way in which an operand is given to an instruction is known as addressing modes in 8051. Read more>>>

There are 111 instructions present in the 8051 microcontroller, which includes arithmetic instructions of 8051 and classified as Read more>>

As there were 24 arithmetic instruction sets, there are 25 logical instructions in 8051. AND , OR, XOR , NOT …. These instructions come under logical instructions. Read more>>>

Read about>>>
Conditional jumps, call, jump and more……..

Read more>>> about the interrupts in 8051

Simulation in Edsim51

Edsim51 is a widely used simulation software for programming of 8051. This article describes the environment of edsim51 software and a simple program of 8051. Read more

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