What is PCB ??

Generally, every complex electronic circuit is designed on the breadboard. But the circuit can be optimized to a Printed Circuit Board, which consumes less space and provide the organised orientation of the various components in the circuit. The designing and printing of PCBs are very much important. There are many companies across the globe providing the PCB services. But although NextPCB has its own importance in providing the most promising PCB services.


NextPCB was founded in 2004 and has since established itself as a turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembly factory for prototype quantities as well as small-volume to big-volume production.



NextPCB provides one-stop services for PCB with professional PCB manufacturing practices fulfilling the advanced design requirements. The company provides the speed of PCB and assembly manufacturing with efficient collaboration and quality assurance.


NextPCB provides a variety of PCBs with optimistic capabilities. Starting from the single-layer they provide PCB services up to 20 layers, with a board thickness of 0.6mm to 2.5mm with a tolerance of 10% and much more capabilities. Check out the manufacturing capabilities of NextPCB for better production of your PCB.

NEXTPCB – PCB Manufacturing Process

  1. Pre-Production Engineering
  2. Board Cutting
  3. Drilling
  4. Deburr
  5. Electroless Copper Deposition
  6. Copper Plate
  7. Image Expose
  8. Image Develop
  9. Inner Layer Etch
  10. Automatic Optical Inspection
  11. Solder Mask Application
  12. Bake
  13. Rescue Solder Pad
  14. Legend
  15. Surface Finish
  16. Electrical Test
  17. Outline Process -Rout, V-Scoring, Bevel
  18. Washboards
  19. Final Inspection

How to Order a PCB from NextPCB

  • First, you need to design your PCB using different software like Eagle, KiCAD, etc and download the Gerber file.
  • Later in the NextPCB website, you need to upload your Gerber file to quote your PCB
  • Then know your cost and shipping charges. NextPCB will provide you PCB at free of the cost by printing their logo on the PCBs. 
  • Finally, add your PCBs to the cart and be prepared for the payment.
  • NextPCB accepts the following payment methods and shipping methods

NEXTPCB Factory View

Services Provided by NextPCB

PCB Prototype & Manufacturing

NextPCB has specialized in PCB Prototype and PCB Manufacturing for 16 years. In order to offer the best service and competitive price to the customers, they have PCB Prototype manufacturer and PCB Manufacturing Manufacturer dedicated to each PCB fabrication, while IATF & ISO & UL & RoHS & REACH certifications ensuring the PCB quality


PCB Assembly (SMT)

NextPCB offers quick turnkey PCB assembly service, which can meet your needs from prototype quantities as well as small-volume to big-volume production. They deal with the whole process including Sourcing all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing, and final shipment. They have our own PCB Assembly manufacturer with 14 production lines to provide professional PCBA service and competitive price for our customers

Components Sourcing

NextPCB is capable of sourcing all kinds of components to offer our customers a comprehensive PCB Assembly service. With being in the field of circuit assembly for more than 16 years, NextPCB has already established cooperation with many world-famous component distributors including Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, etc, which makes it possible for you to get high-quality components with cheap price


Functional Testing

NextPCB uses multiple methods to test the circuit board projects as the final step of assembly services. They provide the best to make sure that customers can get what you pay for!


IC Programming

NextPCB could offer a quick turn around IC programming services, which will transfer a computer program into an integrated computer circuit.

NEXTPCB Certification

NextPCB promises the product safety with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO14001, UL, RoHS and REACH Certifications. As a printed circuit board manufacturer with over 15 years of industry experience, NextPCB provides you with many benefits, including One-stop solution for PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. Plus, printed circuit board industry certifications, one can rely on NextPCB without worries for all of their quick turn, small quantity PCB and production board needs. NextPCB ensures quality assurance through the world-renowned basic materials and delivers your products as soon as possible by their date system and efficient inner collaboration.

NextPCB products are supplied by Shenzhen HuaQiang Jufeng Electronic Co., Ltd and Jiujiang Hua Qiu Circuit Co., Ltd


PCB Review

For the better quality production and service provided by the NextPCB, many customers had provided the five-star rating for the PCB and PCB Assembly orders from NextPCB.



NextDFM is a PCB problem detector and engineering tool by NextPCB, one of the most professional PCB manufacturers in the world based in China. NextDFM is a simple software that can be learnt easily by a non-regular PCB designer also. The UI created by them is very simple and PCB design analysis can be done in just a few clicks.


1. Correct PCB Design issues automatically with just one click
2. Accurate Impedance calculator, simpler than SI9000
3. DIY PCB panelization in simulation view


There are many PCB companies across the globe out which the fact that NextPCB has its own factory with registration and certification and has been in the business market for 16 years. Hence, NextPCB can be one of your partner for your electronics projects, where some projects have PCB manufacturing requirement. They have the component assembly section with a wide range of components and provides the quality production of PCB.

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