ROS Ecosystem – Implementation of Turtlebot Simulation

In the previous tutorial after ROS Robot Operating System installation, we can work on implementation of turtlebot.

ROS Master Node

The ROS master when being run using the terminal, then all the other nodes and subtopics will run. Once the ROS master crashes all the nodes cause communication error and will not function.

Turtle Bot Simulation

Initially, you need to open the four terminals to run the ros master node along with the other nodes.

Initially, need to run the command roscore to activate the master node

Now, rosnode list command can be used to identify the total number of nodes associated with the master node.

Now, the rostopic command can be used to display all the topics associated with this master node.

The rosrun command is used to run all the commands associated with a particular package.

Here, we can mention the turtlesim package to run by using the rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node.

When the tutrlesim package is run using the rosrun command to run the ros node of the package turtlesim, a window displays with a turtle located in it.

Now when the rosnode list command is typed, the list of nodes in the turtlesim package will be displayed.

Similarly, when the rostopic list command is typed, the list of topics in the turtlesim package will be displayed.

The rosnode command will display the list of options that can be performed on the rosnode.

The rosnode info will provide the information regarding the particular rosnode.

Similar, rostopic info command can be used in the topic command prompt and know about the particular topic in brief.

The rosmsg command can be used to see the ros messages and the content related to the particular ros message.

The rosrun turtlesim command with double tab click shows the list of nodes associated with the turtlesim package.

The turtle_teleop_key can be used to move the turtle. The turtle bot movement on the screen can be controlled based on the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

The rostopic echo will show the value of the every message or topic.

For the cmd_vel topic

For the pose topic of the turtle bot

The movement of the turtle bot can also controlled by using the ros pub command that is by publisher command, we can move the turtle bot with suitable coordinates.

The final ros graph command can be used to identify the nodes and the publisher, subscriber, etc.

This ROS Robot Operating System simulation has been successfully done and for any sort of doubts, you can reach out through the comment box.

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